The Cow’s Choice

When it comes to choosing a freestall surface for your herd, why not consider what the cows prefer?

A number of recent studies demonstrate that when dairy cows are given a choice of freestall base:

  • Cows demonstrate a definite preference for beds/mattresses over sand or liquid filled beds.
  • Cows demonstrate a definite preference for the Legend Super Bed and Legend Softbed over crumb-filled mattresses, sand and liquid-filled beds.
Benefits Chart

Why Legend Rubber Flooring?

  • Anti-Slip Surface

    Less injuries, higher rate of heat detection.

  • Non-Abrasive

    Less hoof wear.

  • Softer & More Comfortable

    Decreased lameness and leg fatigue.

  • Easy to Clean

    Better hygiene.

  • Happier Cows

    Increased production!

Did You Know?

  • Recent research shows 30% of lactating cows in the North American dairy herd are clinically lame.
  • 60% of a herd suffers from lameness at least once a year.
  • Estimated costs of claw disease are up as high as $600 per case, taking into consideration treatment costs, follow up, lower yields, reduced reproduction performance, higher involuntary culling rates, discarded milk and the additional management effort required to care for lame cows.
  • Given the choice, 80% of cows preferred to walk on rubber.
Did You Know?