Walkway Mats

At Legend Rubber not only do we have an extensive range of rubber beds for your dairy herds, our walkway mats ensure your herd can move around comfortably and safely between milking, feeding and sleeping areas.

Rubber Walkway Mats

We have four different options when choosing rubber walkways for your dairy herd.



These multi-purpose mats have a studded base that creates a unique, soft feel underfoot. The mats themselves interlock, allowing you to fill any space where you choose to use them. They are safe, secure and provide excellent traction, for your herd and staff alike. The spongy, underfoot feel helps prevent both injury and lameness. They can be custom cut depending on your specific needs, and have an aggressive top pattern for the best traction.

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Parlour Tiles

These interlocking tiles are perfect for your milking parlour. They are available in eight different colours and interlock to create a seamless, non-slip floor. More importantly, their design means they are extremely easy to clean, keeping this important area of your dairy farm hygienic.

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Parlour Tiles


Our custom-cut slats can be tailor-made to suit your needs wherever you choose to use them on your farm. A unique, adjustable rubber peg system helps keep the mats in place. The rubber provides a soft, safe surface for the animals to walk on, reducing lameness. Studies in beef cattle on rubber have proven increased weight gains and better, cleaner overall condition.

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Grooved Roll

Our grooved roll walkways are renowned for extreme durability and are perfect for areas with high traffic. The grooved roll includes a 5mm stainless steel cable inlay, guaranteed to never stretch. A grooved top layer ensures excellent traction while still protecting your dairy cows’ hooves.

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